Wait Till You See Me Dance

This collection of stories features, among other characters: a class of students competing to tell the story of the worst thing that ever happened to them; a young girl climbing a sand dune while a shooter takes position below; and two oblivious tourists who are about to have the roughest hike of their lives. These stories appeared in the Paris Review, Harper’s, Granta, McSweeney’s, and other magazines.

“Again and again in these pages, Unferth swerves from the mundane to the extraordinary, from biting to soaringly celebratory, often in a single sentence.”

—New York Times Book Review

“One of the most important voices in fiction’s long-awaited collection of short fiction is a fascinating must-read.”


“The prose is spare, and her stories often grin while they expose painful truths so deep in her characters that we are often reminded of the blush of self-awareness… Unferth’s spell is in her absolute confidence and her sublime endings. You lean forward in her stories as the narrative and jeopardy build, but you trust her to get you there.”

—Los Angeles Review of Books

“[Unferth is] a wild talent.”


“A stunning debut collection…poignant, sharp-edged stories that cut right to the bone of the human psyche with precision and grace… told with an exquisite restraint that drolly captures the inherent hope of humanity… Chock-full of emotional insight and comic verve, Unferth’s beguiling stories are not to be missed.”

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review